Target Poster From The '60s Looks Strikingly Similar To Mad Men Season 6 Ad

Illustrator Brian Sanders’ hand-drawn, vintage-style poster for the “Mad Men” season 6 premiere drove fans wild with its hidden plot clues.

It drove Target historian — yes, that’s a real thing — Tony Jahn crazy for another reason: He felt like he’d seen the ad before.

It turns out that the AMC commissioned poster bares a striking resemblance to a 1960s ad campaign from Dayton, Target’s predecessor.

Here’s the “Mad Men” poster:

don draper mad men poster

And here’s the Target one from 1964:

target ad vintage
dayton target ad don draper mad men

What do you think?

In fairness to Mad Men and Sanders, AMC commissioned his poster precisely because it emulated ads from the period.

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