33 Awesome Photos Of Sports Stadiums That No Longer Exist

American professional sports is now in its third generation of sports venues.

There were the cozy neighbourhood stadiums of the early 20th century, the utilitarian monstrosities of the ’70s, and now the vintage revival/space age dichotomy of 2013.

The Library of Congress has a fantastic collection of awesome old photos from the stadiums that no longer exist. When viewed together, they give you an idea of what going to a game was like 100 years ago.

Huntington Avenue Grounds, Boston (Boston Braves, 1903)

Yankee Stadium, Bronx (New York Yankees, 1913)

Polo Grounds, Manhattan (New York Giants, 1908)

The Polo Grounds along the Harlem River.

West Side Park, Chicago (Chicago Cubs, 1910)

West Side Park during a Buffalo Bill show.

A huge Chicago Tribune ad in right field in West Side Park.

Washington Park, Brooklyn (Brooklyn Tip-Tops, 1915)

Madison Square Garden II, Manhattan (boxing)

Seals Stadium, San Francisco (San Francisco Giants, 1957)

The Seals Stadium main entrance in 1949.

Ebbets Field, Brooklyn (Brooklyn Dodgers, 1920)

The crowd right along the outfield.

Concession stands outside of Ebbets Field in 1920.

Ebbets Field at night before its demolition.

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