THEN AND NOW: See How Your favourite Products Have Changed Over Time

vintage packaging

Photo: Abuzeedo

You might not recognise some of your favourite products if their classic, old-school packaging lined grocery store shelves today.There once was a time when Jif came out of beautiful glass jars, and people would gargle Listerine out of what looked like perfume bottles.

Design blog Abduzeedo compiled a list of classic packaging to showcase their fascinating evolution.

THEN: This vintage bottle of Listerine looks like perfume.

NOW: Out with the glass, in with the plastic.

THEN: Soda cans used to look completely different.

TODAY: Here's the shape we're now used to.

THEN: Jif looked like it came in a jar rather than peanut butter container.

NOW: Jif goes for a much more casual look.

THEN: Quik used to come out of a real tin can.

NOW: The current packaging has a lot more personality — namely, a rabbit.

THEN: Quik's strawberry flavour featured a rabbit with a fruit on his head.

NOW: The bunny finally got his act together.

THEN: A complete Chef Boy-ar-dee pizza came in this box.

NOW: Chef Boyardee lost the hyphens and got a little older.

THEN: Kellogg's used to make a cereal called Ricicles. Does that mascot remind you of someone?

NOW: Here's Tony the Tiger on Frosted Flakes.

THEN: Here's a vintage Pringles.

NOW: Today's Pringles are a little brighter.

THEN: Old Aspirin bottles came in a brown bottle.

NOW: Aspirin bottles tend to emphasise their ability to prevent heart attacks.

NOW: And Sprite bottles looked completely different.

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