We Love These Vintage Ads Promoting Mad Men’s Bid For A New Emmy

It’s been three whole years since “Mad Men” last won an Emmy, and now writer Matthew Weiner is taking matters into its own hands with an awesome vintage ad campaign.

Weiner, AMC, and the ad agency The Martin Agency teamed up to make eight 1960s-inspired ads, in which the show’s main characters are used to promote fictional products.

The ads are written in a clever manner such that the copy can be read as extolling the virtues of characters like Don Draper and Joan Holloway as much as they are the fictional products the characters are pretending to endorse.

Take this one, in which the famously redheaded Holloway, played by Christina Hendricks, promotes a hair colouring product with the tagline “Blondes have more fun. But redheads get nods.”

Mad men emmy poster joan holloway

And here’s Donald Draper (actor Jon Hamm), whose mysterious character hides behind a pair of shaded glasses:

Mad men emmy poster don

Here are the rest of the ads:

Madmen emmy poster peggy
Madmen emmy poster roger
Madmen emmy poster betty
Madmen emmy poster pete
Madmen emmy poster sally
Madmen emmy poster megan