The Bizarre World Of Vintage Cigarette, Weight Gain, And Gun Ads

Cannon army adThis definitely wouldn’t happen in the military today.

Photo: Cannon

It is an extreme understatement to say times have changed in the U.S. over the last 50 years.50 years ago, smoking was the definition of cool. Being skinny wasn’t the ideal, but instead what you tried to avoid. Women were to remain in the home watching the children and cleaning. And drinking on the job, or taking cocaine toothache drops, was totally normal.

Here are some vintage ads that show an America in which the morals and values are the complete opposite of how we live today.

Late 1800s: Cocaine toothache drops, the miracle cure.

1877: Women love chewing tobacco.

1904: Guns so safe, they may as well be toys.

1910s: Tape worms: the miracle diet.

1938: Who cares if the baby swallowed the matches? I need a way to light up!

1943: A naked army bonding party?

1947: Our acceptance of DDT has changed a bit over the years...

1940s: Eat like a man!

1940s: Women today would be quite unenthusiastic about getting a vacuum for Christmas.

1950: Cigarettes that soothe your throat.

1950: Mowing the lawn is much more fun than hanging out with girls.

1952: Everyone wants cigarettes as a Christmas present, right?

1950s: Pepsi used to be for the elite, now it's for everyone, including the Average Joe.

1950s: Babies + plastic bags = no problem.

1950s: Back then it was a joke, now it's a crime.

1950s/1960s: Men won't look at you if you're skinny. Times sure have changed.

1962: Drinking on the job is totally acceptable.

1968: All women love the smell of tobacco, right?

1960s: Gain weight, and you'll also gain men's attention.

1970s: Before Victoria's Secret existed ...

You've seen brands with questionable ad messages from history ...

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