Check Out These 11 Vintage Apple Ads

vintage apple ad

Advertising has obviously changed quite drastically since the early 1980s, but you’ll never be more sure of it after taking a look at these vintage Apple ads.

Whether they’re suggestive, loaded with retro appeal, or just plain weird, you’ll appreciate them as a snapshot of a pivotal point in computer history.

These ads come to us from The Mothership, a site that contains an impressive collection of Apple advertisements since the company’s founding.

1979: Where did Ben Franklin come from?

1980: Nudity sells computers

1981: The story of Farmer Ron

1982: A confusing recipe

1982: Encouraging dating your coworkers

1982: No crystal ball required

1983: Simple and elegant

1983: A look inside the product

1984: Minimalism

1984: Test driving isn't just for cars

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