VINT CERF: Internet Access Is Not A Human Right

Vint Cerf, Google

Photo: Veni Markovski, via Wikimedia Commons

Vint Cerf, Google’s Chief Internet Evangelist and a prominent computer scientist recognised as a “father of the Internet,” has an op-ed in the New York Times contending that Internet access is not a human right.His argument seems to boil down to the idea that “technology is an enabler of rights, not a right itself.”

It’s a strong argument, especially given Cerf’s comparison between the Internet and the telephone:

“While the United States has never decreed that everyone has a ‘right’ to a telephone, we have come close to this with the notion of ‘universal service’ — the idea that telephone service (and electricity, and now broadband Internet) must be available even in the most remote regions of the country.”

Click here to read the entire op-ed >

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