Vinomofo has partnered with Australia Post to customise delivery ahead of Amazon's arrival

Vinomofo co-CEO Andre Eikmeier. Source: supplied

Australia Post is lifting its game ahead of Amazon’s arrival and removing one of the biggest annoyances with parcel delivery thanks to South Australia wine startup Vinomofo.

The deal will see give Vinomofo customers the options of same day, and more importantly, customisable delivery for metro areas in the lead up to Christmas. That means you can chose the day and time for your delivery, so there’s no waiting around for the order to arrive.

The online wine retailer, which says it now has 500,000 customers, has worked on improving its own logistics, opening a warehouse in Melbourne last year.

Vinomofo co-founder Andre Eikmeier said the Australia Post realised a long term goal for the company.

“We couldn’t find a distribution company that could handle the volume of orders and guarantee the level of service we were after,” he said.

“Australia Post has really improved their delivery offering ahead of the arrival of Amazon, so it’s pretty exciting that our mofos can order a case of wine on a Friday morning and be drinking it come Friday afternoon.”

Vinomofo now has more than $50 million annual revenue and operates in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, with plans to launch in Hong Kong in late 2017.

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