Vine Will Now Host Brand New 'Peanuts' Stop Motion Comics [THE BRIEF]

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Good morning, AdLand. Here’s what you need to know today:

Pretty soon, Vine will be used as a platform for 12 “Peanuts” stop motion, 6-second comics. Khoa Phan’s Vine animations got the attention of Peanuts Worldwide, and the company reached out to him for a deal. “The Khoa Phan-Vine deal is part of a larger strategy we’ve had in place for Peanuts for several years — which is to continue to make Snoopy relevant with the young and hip crowd,” Cory Cole, social media director for Peanuts, told Mashable. Vine has already been used as a means to recreate the baseball card (for PlayStation), so comics are a logical next step.

McKinney cut about 30 people in North Carolina.

Brian Niccol upgraded from his post as CMO to become the new president of Taco Bell. Marketing exec Chris Brandt will take on Niccol’s old duties.

Cross-device ad targeter Drawbridge and eXelate are joining forces to beter mobile ad targeting.

Are there ads out there targeting second-generation Hispanics?

Mashable thinks that these brands “define advertising.”

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