Vine's setting its sights on the music industry with these cool new features

Us the Duo Vine new music featuresYouTube Us the DuoUs the Duo got their start on Vine.

Video-sharing app Vine is perhaps best known for its goofy comedy and funny viral clips. It’s also got a musical side, though, as trends like Vine song covers and the popularity of musicians who started on Vine  —  like Us the Duo  — make clear.

Now, Vine is doubling down on music, introducing Music on Vine. This Vine update will allow users to add music to their 6-second videos, and provides an easy way to seamlessly loop the videos.

Here’s an example of a Vine made without these features (enable audio to get the full experience):

You can hear the somewhat low music quality and the abrupt ending. When the Vine automatically starts replaying, it’s a jarring switch back to the beginning.

Vine’s new feature would not only provide high-quality music (right now their site states it will have a curated list of “featured” tracks, so it’s not clear whether you can upload your own songs as well), but there’s a “perfect loop” tool as well.

Vine also worked with a music production software company to create “Snap 2 Beat”: a button that will snip your video/audio clip to the perfect spot for seamless repetition. 

You can see how it works here (once again, enable audio for full effect):


Vine announced these new features at a release party in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The invited Vine users were most excited to hear this next snippet, whooping and cheering as head of UX Jason Mante explained how it works.

Now, when viewing a Vine that has added music, a small button will allow you to view the song and artist info. Apparently Vine had closely monitored comments posted to uploaded content, and the most common question was always “Song?”

Ask and ye shall receive. You can see how the song info display works on the Vine below.

The goal for Vine is to really begin making a mark on the music industry through the distribution of their user-made material. As the company points out in their announcement, the impact is already there. 

Dances like The Whip and the Shmoney Dance make their way off Vine and take on a life of their own, and the songs used in those Vines start to climb the charts. To bring Vine’s influence on music to life, we recently worked with Billboard to add Vine to the Billboard Social 50 chart. Now, popular music Viners will be surfaced to an even wider audience.

Fans of the app have lots more creativity and musical integration to look forward to. Vine creators, who are already among some of the most ambitious digital entertainers, will surely take these new tools and run with them.



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