Twitter Has A Really Cool New Video App For iPhone

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Photo: Steve Kovach, Business Insider

Twitter launched a new video-sharing app called Vine on the iPhone today.Vine was one of Twitter CEO Dick Costolo’s biggest purchases last year, so everyone was excited to see what would become of it. 

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Vine lets you take very short three-segment videos, stitch them together, and share on Twitter or Facebook. It also acts as its own social network, letting you view your friends’ videos in a news feed within the app.

And yes, it feels a lot like the elusive “Instagram for video” that other companies like Cinemagram have been trying to nail for a long time now.

You can download Vine for free on iPhone. Twitter says Vine will be coming to other platforms soon. Check out our walkthrough of the app in the gallery below to see how it works.

Here's the Vine app. Tap to open.

We already have Twitter integrated with our iPhone, so we just need to allow Vine access to the account. If you don't have Twitter integrated with your iPhone, you can just sign in with your Twitter user name and password.

Enter the name you want to use for your Vine account.

Vine needs to know your location so you can tag venues with your posts. The app uses Foursquare data to figure out where you are.

You can also get push notifications whenever someone comments or likes one of your posts.

We searched our iPhone's address book, but no one there was using Vine yet. Let's tap the bird icon to see if any Twitter friends have joined.

It looks like Wired's Mat Honan has a Vine account. Tap the button next to a person's name to follow him or her.

You have to give Vine permission to access Facebook and post on your behalf.

We only have one Facebook friend on Vine right now.

You can also search for Vine users the old fashioned way.

Now that we've added a few friends, Vine shows us their videos in the main feed.

You can comment on videos...

You can also explore videos in the Vine community by topic or browse the Vine Editor's picks.

Here's the list of popular videos on Vine.

Topics are categorized using hashtags (#), just like on Twitter.

Alright, time to create our first Vine video! Tap the camera button in the top right of the screen.

Vine is a bit different than normal video apps. You take each video in three different segments by holding your finger down on the screen between each one.

Keep holding...

Now let go and find something else to shoot. You have to repeat this process two more times.

The Share screen lets you add a message and choose which social networks to share your video on.

We'll share on Vine, Twitter, and Facebook. We couldn't add a location here because Foursquare is having problems today.

There we go! Our first Vine.

Vine also embeds nicely on You can play videos directly in the stream.

Here's an example of a Vine video in action.

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