Here's How A Lawyer Defends This Hedge Fund Manager's Long History Of Violent, Abusive Emails

vincent mccrudden

Hedge fund manager Vincent McCrudden wants to get out on bail after his arrest last month for threatening to kill and/or torture dozens of financial regulators.

From what we read in the NY Post, his lawyer’s plea for bail rests on two ballsy arguments.

First, McCrudden has been doing this for years and no one is dead yet:

“In the dozen or more years he has been writing and speaking to the industry in this manner, [McCrudden] has never taken a single step to harm anyone,” Barket wrote in papers filed in Brooklyn federal court.

Second, that torture threat must have been a forgery because it was not littered with expletives:

“It lacks the vulgarity that is littered in all of his other writings,” Barket wrote. “[McCrudden] doesn’t string together more than half a sentence before he uses the ‘F’ word, the ‘MF’ word, the ‘C’ word, something.”

Read some of McCrudden’s most abusive emails >

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