Vin Diesel finally tweets after joining Twitter nearly 2 years ago

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• Vin Diesel has joined Twitter at @VinDiesel.
• The “Fast and Furious” actor actually joined in March 2015.

• He finally shared his first tweet January 26, 2017.
• It was a photo of himself with a rainbow in the background.
• It said: “Thanks for the love…”

Vin Diesel is finally, officially on Twitter.

Wednesday evening, the “Fast and Furious” actor let his over 100 million followers know on Facebook that after a successful run on Facebook and Instagram, he was getting ready to dip his social toes into Twitter.

Vin diesel facebookFacebook/VinDieselHoly moly, Diesel. That’s a LOT of notifications.

Here’s his message in full to his fans:

I always had the one Facebook account, which I love … after a while I was convinced to add Instagram which I have enjoyed. Finally this year I just opened my new Twitter account!

Let’s see how this goes … might need you all to help me through the set up haha … any suggestions for my profile pic?

All love!

Diesel first joined Twitter in March 2015 at @VinDiesel, but since then, his account has been locked to the public. If you went to follow him on Twitter immediately, you may have been bummed to see that his account was still locked and that any request to follow him was “pending.” 

But now he’s up and running!

Here’s his first tweet:

Diesel likes to keep his social accounts filled with positive thoughts. On Facebook, he has “Toretto Tuesdays,” named after his “Fast and Furious” characer, in which he showcases something related to the film’s franchise. This past Tuesday, it was artwork:

This may be something Diesel brings over to his Twitter account. We hope he starts participating in some of the trending topics as well, including the weekly #ThursdayThoughts.

Over the years on Facebook, Diesel has come to call his page his VinBook, so we’re looking forward to whether or not Diesel will do something similar on Twitter. VinTweet, perhaps?

He only has around 5,000 followers right now, but that’s sure to change quickly.

So, welcome Vin. It’s about time.

You can follow him here.

PostbyVin Diesel.

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