VillageVines Changes Its Stripes: Restaurant Deals Site Gets A New Name, New Look And New Strategy

ben mckean dan leahy villagevinesBen McKean and Dan Leahey, cofounders of savoured

When VillageVines launched one year ago, it was a much different company.It was started by two young bankers who ditched Wall Street to start a restaurant deals site.

Less than twelve months later, it has nearly 40 employees, $4 million in funding and it’s completely changing its stripes.

Here are the changes it announced today:

  • VillageVines has been renamed “savoured”
  • The site has been redesigned and relaunched
  • It has launched in five new cities (10 total): Boston, Philadelphia, Denver, Atlanta and Miami
  • It is partnering with Zagat which will publish reviews of all the partnering restaurants
  • Food/restaurant professionals, including Top Chef judges, will blog, write reviews, and create lists of recommended restaurants for users.
  • As we revealed last week, Buddy Media founder Mike Lazerow has invested and joined the board

Why is it doing all of this? VillageVines/savoured wants to change its image from “deals” to “discovery.”

It will still offer its 250,000+ users 30% off all partnering restaurants, but it will focus on recommending new places for users to try instead of on discounts.

VillageVines/savoured is a whole new animal and it only has more changes coming. It hopes to expand internationally by the end of the year. London and Paris are high on the list.

It’s also considering launching additional verticals; VillageVines/savoured has been eyeing the travel category.

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