Village Voice Names Anonymous Twitter Account Top Music Critic Of The Year

Justin Bieber

It probably doesn’t get more new media than this.

The Village Voice has named anonymous twitter account @Discographies as its music critic of the year.

@Discographies has more than 22,000 followers and its tweets are a snarky, refreshingly cynical take on albums, albeit in 140 characters or less.

In an interview with the Village Voice, the account holder for @Discographies said:

The viability of music criticism on Twitter–at least in a populist sense–was proven the very first time someone wrote: “OMG! I <3 Justin SO MUCH!!!”

I’ve said elsewhere that “140 characters is not a limit; it’s a shape,” and @Discographies is an attempt at demonstrating how to use that shape.

Twitter may be the first mass communications system that also functions as a meritocracy: it actively promotes good ideas and good content, regardless of where they come from.

Want to know what @Discographies said about your favourite album of the year? We chose some of our favourite tweets to give you a flavour of this “award winning” music critic.

Green Day


Kings of Leon

The Black Eyed Peas

Kanye West

The Rolling Stones

Lady Gaga

Smashing Pumpkins

The Arcade Fire


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