Hungary’s Prime Minister Still Defends His Controversial Constitutional Changes

Viktor Orban

[credit provider=”AP”]

Despite huge amounts of international criticism for his controversial constitutional reforms, Viktor Orban has remained steadfast in his support for the changes.Much of the Hungarian press is leading with an interview Orban gave last night to press agency MTI. Orban argues that he sees “sees no need to change those laws already adopted,” and argues:

“.. nothing is new in the current situation: when the left is not in power, for the opposition and for its foreign partners democracy is at an end. […] But we have always been the democrats and we have always fought for democracy while our current adversaries defended the Communist dictatorship.”

Orban has also apparently responded to one of his most prominent foreign critics, Hilary Clinton, though the details of his response are not known at present.

(h/t PressEurop)