Vikings Pro Bowl Linebacker Chad Greenway Saved 2 Stranded Boaters On Lake Minnetonka

Chad Greenway, the two-time pro bowl linebacker for the Minnesota Vikings, sprung the rescue yesterday when he noticed two boaters stranded near the rocks on a rough and windy day on Lake Minnetonka in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

“We were looking at all the beautiful houses and all of a sudden the steering wheel wouldn’t turn and we were going in circles,” Crystal Alexis, one of the boaters, told Kare11.

The boat started drifting “scary close” to rocks along the shore as the wind and waves picked up.

Luckily for the couple, Greenway quickly arrived on scene with his two girls in tow, wading into the water and helping corral the stranded boat to a safe inlet nearby.

“I just ran down, of course with my two little girls following behind me, trying to stay out of the way, and figured I’d help them out. It looked like it was dangerous,” Greenway said.

After guiding them to safety, Greenway stayed with the couple while they waited for help to arrive. Then he gave them a ride to retrieve their car.

Here are some pictures of the scene, via NY Post:

And here’s a video:

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