Viewers Liked 'The Speech'

barack obama thumbsup tbi

The question is: Were TV viewers watching Barack Obama last night, or were they watching America’s sweetheart Melanie Oudin finally get knocked out of the US Open?

Because if they were watching Obama, they’re probably more inclined to support his healthcare reforms than they were before, per fresh polling.

TalkingPointsMemo: Going into the speech, 53% of the speech-watchers favoured Obama’s proposals. Coming out of it, that support has now risen to 67%. More than seven in 10 say Obama clearly stated his goals — which was of course a key goal of the speech itself. And three out of four think it’s somewhat or very likely that Obama will pass most of his proposals through Congress.

However, the speech audience polled was 45% Democratic, only 18% Republican, and the remainder independent. And while Democrats certainly do out-number Republicans, it’s not by that much — meaning that the people who chose to tune in were naturally more sympathetic to Obama to start with than the population as a whole.

The partisan split isn’t a big problem, since Obama’s job was not to convince Republicans, but to convince Democrats to support the plan. And if he gained some ground among indies, while consolidating Dems, then that certainly helps.

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