Stunning Historical Photos Of Vietnam Recreated Today

vietnam, Khánh Hmoong

Photo: Khánh Hmoong via Flickr

Photographer Khánh Hmoong blends past and present by superimposing historic photographs from Vietnam over the exact location where they were taken from in present day.While some of the elements of the landscapes have changed to reflect modernization in the country, some architectural features remain unchanged.

Hmoong has kindly given us permission to feature photographs from his project ‘Vietnam – Looking Into The Past,’ giving us a unique look of his country’s history and present at the same time.

Street life in Nha Trang, 1966-1968

Street life in Nha Trang, 1966

Nha Trang, 1968 (Photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt)

Hội An then & now

Quảng Trị's old gate, 1968

Huế musicans 1920s

Guards, Huế 1910s-20s

Hiển Nhơn gate, Huế 1920s

Students on Trường Tiền bridge, 1960s

Trường Tiền bridge, Huế 1967

Mã binh Huế, 1948

Citadel Gate, Huế 1925-30

Citadel Gate, Huế 1968

T78 Hotel, Nha Trang, 1960s

Nha Trang streets, 1967

Saigon centre, 1966

Bến Thành Market, Saigon 1922

Saigon City Hall, 1960s

Continental Palace 1950 & now

Majestic Hotel 1966 & now

Saigon, 1969 & now

Fall of Saigon, 1975

A North Vietnamese tank crashes through the gates of the Presidential Palace in Saigon on April 30, 1975.

Hòa Bình market, Dalat, 1948

Lycée Yersin college, 1948

Dalat Railway Station, 1948

Terminus Hotel before, and now – a police office.

Nha Trang Railway Station, 1970

Saigon Central Post Office. The building was constructed when Vietnam was part of French Indochina in the early 20th century.

Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica in 1890, when two bell towers were added to the cathedral.

Saigon Opera House and Continental Hotel early in 20th century.

South Temple of Ponagar, Nha Trang

Gateway of Diên Khánh Town

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