This Video Ad Server Is Now Backed By $121 Million In Venture Funding

Scott Ferber VideologyScott Ferber

Videology, a video ad serving platform for advertisers, agencies and publishers, raised $60 million in new investment funding, reports AdExchanger:

“When you have people offering to give you money, why not take it,” reasoned CEO and founder Scott Ferber in an interview with AdExchanger. “We plan to put it to good use, particularly as we work to build out our efforts on the supply side and our global presence.”

Videology previously raised $61 million, according to Techcrunch. That total — $121 million in backing — is a huge sum for an adtech company. It puts Videology up in the rarified atmosphere occupied by the likes of AppNexus, another huge, venture-backed adtech play.

The backers include Catalyst Investors, New Enterprise Associates, Valhalla Partners, Comcast Ventures and Pinnacle Ventures.

AdExchanger notes that Tremor Video, another video ad server, recently filed with the SEC for an IPO.

For context, many non-video adtech companies — especially those in social media marketing — feel blessed to raise rounds involving $10 million. But video ads cost more, and are often more effective, than regular web display ads.

Clearly, the big investment money is being attracted to adtech companies involved in higher CPM transactions than banner ad servers.

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