Online Video Advertising Provider Videology Is On Track To Hit $US300 Million In Revenue This Year

Scott Ferber videologyVideologyVideology CEO Scott Ferber

Videology CEO Scott Ferber says his company is “on track to approach” $US300 million in revenue this year, a sizeable jump from the $US100 million the company reported two years ago.

Videology is an online video advertising provider that caters to buyers, sellers, and clients. The company works with big agency holding companies including WPP and Publicis, as well as big publishers like Yahoo! Japan.

It’s also one of the few big private players left in the video ad tech space.

The company has raised $US130 million in funding to date and has expanded its operation from three countries in 2011 to 28 countries today. Ferber says more than half of the company’s nearly $US300 million revenue is now coming from outside of the US.

Ferber says one of the best ways his company has been able to get such a huge reach, internationally, is to become integrated with the rest of the ad tech world. Videology says it is integrated with roughly 50% of the ad tech space, or at least half of Terry Kawaja’s video LUMAscape chart.

Videology also says that 50% of its revenue is coming from TV buying groups, not digital buyers, even though the company is not selling them traditional, linear TV spots. Of that, Ferber says 90% of all buys are done on a reserved basis with premium inventory, similarly to how TV is purchased.

Simply put, people would rather pay for their ad to run on high-quality site and know they are guaranteed a certain number of clicks or impressions. People prefer certainty over the game of bidding and chance.

Ferber also confirms that the company is still preparing for an IPO in the near future. Ferber recently told Business Insider Videology was looking to go public in 2015, and that is, most likely, still the case.

“We are fortunately privileged in the sense that we have the luxury to time it when we feel is best from the market and company perspective,” Ferber says. “But our goal is to be prepared to literally go at any time we feel the market is right.”

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