This Video Of A Young Mitt Romney Is Fascinating


Via BuzzFeed, here’s video of a 23-year-old Mitt Romney discussing campaigning during his mother Lenore’s run for Senate in the summer of 1970. 

“So many of our Senators sometimes become so caught up in the political situation that their answer is made politically before the issue is even brought up,” Romney says in the video. He sounds exactly the same as he does now.

“You could come out with a new bill and you could decide right down the line how everyone is going to vote, mostly on their political background and which party they’re for.

“But she isn’t so aligned to a political ideology or a political side of the spectrum that she can’t analyse the situation and vote in it and work in it completely candidly.”

Lenore Romney ran for a Senate seat in Michigan in 1970, and the lessons of that loss still reverberate among the Romney camp, according to a February article in The Washington Post. “Mitt Romney, then a 23-year-old rising senior at Brigham Young University, visited schools and county fairs,” the article read.

Lenore Romney was never really close leading up to the general election. She lost 2-to-1 in her bid to unseat Democrat Philip A. Hart. 

Some of this, from the Post, sounds vaguely familiar:

The Romneys were not alone in thinking that she would cruise to the Republican nomination, given the family’s gold-plated name in Michigan. But the coronation didn’t go as planned.

During a gathering of state GOP leaders that February, she failed on three consecutive votes to get the 75 per cent of support needed to be the party’s “consensus” candidate.

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