Mesmerising video shows Ohio man breaking a world record by making 31 consecutive NBA 3-pointers in under a minute

@SportsCenter / TwitterAnthony Miracola made 31 consecutive three-pointers in pop-a-shot fashion to set a new world record.
  • Ohio man Anthony Miracola set a new world record by draining 31 consecutive three-pointers in one minute, and he did it from behind the NBA line.
  • While Miracola’s record hasn’t been recognised yet, he filmed the attempts from a range of angles in front of various witnesses to ensure that it would be made official.
  • Miracola shattered the previous record of 26 consecutive made three-point attempts.

The NBA has gone through a three-point revolution in recent years, with teams shooting from beyond the arc at a rate never seen before in the history of the sport.

While the likes of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and James Harden have jumped to the top of lists tracking the most three-pointers hit during an NBA season, they all fall short of Anthony Miracola.

Miracola is not an NBA player, but he is now in line to hold a Guinness World Record after sinking 31 consecutive NBA three-pointers in a minute.

Video of Miracola’s accomplishment is simply mesmerising, showing the skilled shooter hit threes with the ease of a pop-a-shot.

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BCSN caught up with Miracola to discuss his accomplishment. In the video, he describes the extra lengths he went through to ensure that his accomplishment would be recognised, including filming from a wide range of camera angles and in front of various witnesses.

Miracola said that his record ultimately came down to practice.

“It’s about sucking it up and just staying focused,” he told WTOL-TV. “I just think it goes back to the hard work that I put in. Not just preparing for this, but shooting every single day relentlessly through the years and it paid off in that moment.”

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