VIDEO: Why this famed Sydney chef loves cheese on toast with champagne

Colin Fassnidge tucks into the bubbles with his cheese on toast.

While there’s something special about champagne, it isn’t just for special occasions. Pop star Madonna once notoriously confessed that she likes to drink Krug Rosé – think $500 a bottle – with fries.

Four in Hand chef Colin Fassnidge always likes to think differently and have fun too. Inspired by Madonna’s peccadillo, the outspoken Irishman was one of five Australia chefs recently asked by the famed champagne house Krug to come up what they called a “guilty pleasure” to match with the bubbles.

While Andrew McConnell from Supernormal in Melbourne predictably opted for his famed lobster roll, and Adelaide chef Jock Zonfrillo went the extra mile, diving to gather scallops by hand in the shark-infested waters off Kangaroo Island and serving them with pancetta in a posh kind of hamburger with bacon, Fassnidge created what he calls his “midnight chef’s snack” – basically melted cheese on toast.

Not just any cheese or bread, however. Like the $22 cheese toastie at Bennelong, Fassnidge sexes it up by using Iggy’s sourdough and South Australian brie, topping it with caramelised onions before he enjoys it with champagne “as normal”.

As food and wine matches go, it’s not a bad one to try.

Watch how he makes it here.

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