This Play Sums Up Exactly Why Many Think Tim Tebow Will Never Be A Good Quarterback

With the Jets still looking for their first touchdown in their second preseason game, Tim Tebow is on in relief and all he has done is prove the naysayers right.

On one play (below), Tebow stepped up into the pocket, saw his running back wide open in the flank, and overthrew him by about 10 feet. It is one of the easiest passes a quarterback can make. It is a safe play that is designed not to fail. And Tebow missed the wide open target by 10 feet!

Some believe that the hardest thing to teach a quarterback is accuracy. Some have it. Tebow doesn’t. Of course, the upside is that Tebow’s accuracy is so bad that not even the defensive backs can catch the ball, unlike what happened in the first half when Mark Sanchez threw a touchdown for the other team…

Here’s the Tebow play…

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