VIDEO: Watch wingsuit daredevil Uli Emanuele scorch through this tiny gap in a cliff

Italian wingsuit diver Uli Emanuele spent three years preparing for the most dangerous split-second of his life.

A new GoPro video shows the 29-year-old making a heart-stopping pass through a two-metre crevasse in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland.

Emanuele nailed the feat in September last year, but it’s only been released this week on YouTube by GoPro – and it’s incredible.

Let’s look at the speed he hits the crevasse at on loop. First of all, here’s his target:

Picture: GoPro/YouTube

And blink and you’ll miss him going through it:

GoPro described the stunt as “possibly the most technical and difficult base jump ever”. Even Emanuele’s wingsuit buddies are worried he’s beginning to push his luck:

Here’s the video of his flight in full:

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