VIDEO: Watch Ronda Rousey's top rival Miesha Tate beat up Aussie pranksters the Janoskians

Miesha Tate is Rousey’s only threat. Picture

In the wake of Ronda Rousey’s rise to UFC fame, there’s been a lot of talk about how she would match up against a male opponent.

It’s all a bit premature, given that Rousey is only 28 with 12 UFC fights against her name, no matter how impressively she’s dominated in all of them.

But one of her main rivals, Miesha Tate, isn’t holding out for a big battle of the sexes payday.

Recently, she looked better of the two in a grappling session with male No. 1 lightweight contender Donald Cerrone.

And even more recently, she gave four Aussie lads a proper lesson – Melbourne YouTube prank sensations the Janoskians, who travelled to America to grapple with Tate at XTreme Couture Gym in Las Vegas, where this kind of pain was dealt out:

And this:

Here’s the deal – the Janoskians thrive on publicity, and Tate needs as much of it as she can get.

Tate is currently listed as the UFC’s No 1 bantamweight contender off a winning streak that stretches back almost two years to her first UFC fight – against Ronda Rousey.

Despite an early rivalry which turned nasty on social media, Rousey has since been willing to publicly praise Tate, whose strength is her groundwork. Like this:

After their first fight in 2012, Rousey said Tate was “much more savvy on the ground” than she anticipated and “an amazing fighter”.

Tate was the first fighter to escape Rousey’s signature armbar, and in their second bout, took Rousey to the third round before losing. All of Rousey’s 10 other UFC fights have ended in the first round.

Here’s an armbar, for the uninitiated:

Know when you’re beaten. Picture: Janoskians/YouTube

Just two months ago, Tate defeated Jessica Eye in a bout touted as a No 1 contender fight. Tate won unanimously, only to see Team Rousey anounce it will give No 8 contender Holly Holm a shot at the title in Melbourne, in front of an expected 60,000 fight fans at Etihad Stadium on November 15.

It’s not expected to go beyond the first round.

Tate, obviously disappointed, has said she’s done all she can to get another fight with Rousey, but is now considering walking away from UFC.

Here’s the full video of what Rousey’s Melbourne fans will be missing:

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