Here's John Singleton's incredibly offensive drunken rant after almost glassing his mate at lunch

John Singleton, centre, after his horse Dear Demi won the Crown Oaks in 2012. Picture: Getty Images
Picture: MailOnlineTV/YouTube

A video has been released of high-profile businessman John Singleton raving drunkenly at a cameraman just minutes after cutting his friend’s ear at a Sydney restaurant table.

News Ltd released a set of pictures this morning showing Singleton reportedly lashed out with a glass at Fairfax media executive Jack Cowin in Kingley’s Steak & Crabhouse in Woolloomooloo.

He reportedly attacked Cowin after Cowin ribbed him for choosing to drink rosé instead of beer. Former Noiseworks frontman Jon Stevens was also at the table.

The multimillionaire radio owner has already tried to explain his actions in a text message to Triple M presenter Matty Johns this morning, claiming he was “trying to lighten up the world” with “a joke gone wrong, gone public.”

“We’ve both been suspended nine weeks,” Johns read from the message.

But a video released of Singleton leaving the restaurant and conducting an interview with a cameraman outside is not going to go away so easily for the flamboyant 73-year-old. It was originally published at MailOnline here, but is now inactive.

In it, an obviously plastered Singleton raves about “belting women”, loving violence and makes a badly off-colour attempt at a joke about forcing himself upon Stevens.

Here’s the transcript:

Cameraman: Was that a bit of fun between friends?
Singleton: Nah, it was f..king fight.
Cameraman: What for?
Singleton: Over a woman. We don’t have one.
Cameraman: Jon, what did you think of the fight?
Stevens: A couple of old blokes having a good time.
Singleton: Yeah, he was trying to find a woman to belt.
And I was trying to have a sex change, so he could bash me.
And I took me d..k out and stuck it in his mouth and he bit it off and then he bashed me and I felt it was… sexist.
Stevens: You poor thing.
Cameraman: What’s your view on violence.
Singleton: We love it, we love it, we love it. I do, I f..king love it.

Singleton then charged the camera, screaming: “I F..KING LOVE IT. I F..KING LOVE IT.” before turning away saying “You gotta be kidding.”

Earlier this morning, Singleton tried to make light of the blow-up, sending News Ltd this bizarre third-person version of how it all went down:

“Singleton’s new lapse in class was not appreciated by Cowin, the world’s newest billionaire, so he actually whacked Singleton over the head with the chair. Cowin then realised his mate was unappreciative of his reaction and hit him over the head with another bottle. Despite this, Singleton grabbed the next glass from the floor and slashed Cowin’s ear. The two then settled down to another eight bottles of wine and 20 beers each.”

News Ltd has all the pics from Singleton’s restaurant fight here.

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