VIDEO: Watch NSW Premier Mike Baird read out tweets from his haters

The Premier reads mean tweets.

Just a month out from his first state election as New South Wales premier, Mike Baird has taken a leaf out of US comedian Jimmy Kimmel’s playbook and read out some of the hate tweets he cops from voters.

Kimmel started the trend of celebrities reading out mean tweets about themselves 3 years ago to mark Twitter’s 6th anniversary. The idea has gone on to become a meme in its own right.

On his just posted Youtube video, Baird reads out several tweets from his iPhone, including one that makes him laugh, saying “Mike Baird, I knew you were in Newcastle yesterday coz I could smell the stench of sulfur from your pitch fork from over 10 miles away”.

“This guy should be a writer. I like it. That’s actually quite clever,” Baird responds.

Another bets the Premier’s wife won’t kiss his “filthy, lying mouth”.

“Bad luck Damo Williams, my wife still kisses me,” Baird retorts.

Another points out he hates Justin Bieber.

“Of course I hate Justin Bieber. Who doesn’t hate Justin Bieber. What’s wrong with that?” the Liberal leader says, going on to declare his daughters are Taylor Swift fans.

“And they tell me, when you get this sort of stuff, shake it off,” he signs off.

Watch here.

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