VIDEO: Watch As This Syrian Boy Fakes His Own Death To Save A Young Girl

Picture: ShaamNetwork S.N.N

ShaamNetwork S.N.N, an activist group in Syria, has uploaded a clip of a young boy appearing to fake his own death in order to save a little girl.

The boy is shown running into the gunfire of snipers before he falls and momentarily pauses on the ground, appearing to be dead. He then gets up and grabs the young girl, who is taking shelter behind a burnt-out car.

The pair then sprint back to the shelter together with a spray of gunfire following them.

It is unknown if the video is legitimate but experts told Britain’s The Telegraph they have no reason to doubt its authenticity.

One spokesman, for the Aleppo based Islam Army rebel group Abdurrahman Saleh, told The Times he believed it was a fake.

“It seems fabricated,” he said. “There is a panel near the door written on it ‘we are hungry for our freedom’, so the scene is well prepared and the voices of the commentators clearly show they are acting.”

Since uploaded to YouTube on November 10, the clip has attracted 680,000 views.