VIDEO: Watch 15 bales of weed get thrown out of this SUV during a police chase

Bale out. Picture: USA Today/YouTube

You can run, but you can’t hide the fact you just ditched a dozen-odd bales of marijuana from your SUV. Especially when the cop car chasing you has its dashcam switched on.

Mario Perez-Paz, 43, of Mexico, and Juan Aguilar-Zavala, 21, tried to outrun cops in Pinal County, Arizona, but their vehicle needed to lighten its load a little.

In two minutes of dashcam footage, officers filmed a total of 15 bales of weed, one cell phone and a couple of tyre treads leaving the vehicle ahead.

The tyre treads came courtesy of road spikes and the pair were caught trying to flee soon after their car was disabled.

Deputies and Department of Public Safety officers were not able to recover all of the dope, according to Tucson News Now. They say some drivers stopped to pick them up.

Perez-Paz and Juan Aguilar-Zavala claim they did not know the bales were marijuana. They said they were offered $1000 by a woman in Phoenix to pick up “unknown packages” in the car.

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