Was This Hit On Eli Manning A Cheap Shot By The Tampa Bay Bucs?

By now, most of us have seen Giants head coach Tom Coughlin and Bucs head coach Greg Schiano yelling at each other following yesterday’s game over what some considered a cheap shot on Eli Manning. The play in question (seen below) occurred when the Bucs tried to force a fumble while the the Giants were preparing to take a knee to end the game.

Afterwards, Manning called the play “a little bit of a cheap shot,” and that it was “a way to get someone hurt.” Coughlin added (via NYTimes.com) “You don’t do that in this league,” referring to Schiano’s previous job as head coach at Rutgers.

Meanwhile, Schiano said he coaches players to play until the game is over. Many, including Ron Jaworski, a former NFL quarterback agree. Jaworksi said on ESPN Radio “Coughlin absolutely owes Schiano an apology,” citing his own experience in which his Eagles won a game after the Giants fumbled the ball trying to run out the clock.

So, is this a dirty play? Should the Bucs have given up? Should the Giants offensive line recognised what was happening and done a better job protecting their quarterback?

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