Was ESPN Trying To Make Fun Of Arkansas Razorbacks Fans With This Interview?

On SportsCenter, ESPN asked some local Arkansas Razorbacks fans for their reaction to the recent incident with football coach Bobby Petrino in which he was involved in a motorcycle accident with a 25-year old female employee.

And for reasons that are unclear, the first interview subject is the gentleman in the video below.

On top of the fellow’s odd appearance (sideways hat, at least three shirts, a jacket, and leather gloves when the temperature was in the mid-70s), his comments were almost completely directed at the lack of helmet use and had little to do with inappropriate nature of the incident and whether Petrino can continue as coach at Arkansas.

So why did ESPN pick this guy? Well, let’s hope that it wasn’t because they thought it would make for a good joke. Because we doubt this fellow represents the Razorbacks fanbase.

Here’s the video…


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