Chilling New Footage Shows Volgograd Bomber Trying To Get Through Metal Detectors

Sixteen people died in a suicide bombing at a train station in Volgograd, Russia, Dec. 29, and now recently released video shows just how easy it is to engage in this type of terrorism.

In the video, the bomber approaches the train station looking like any normal traveller, enters the front door, gets to the metal detector, and detonates.

Truly chilling.

The explosion was the first of two in one day; later, another suicide bomber struck a trolley, killing 14 people.

Business Insider contributor and Russia security expert, Mark Galeotti writes, “It is hardly a coincidence that as Sochi nears, so does the tempo of attacks outside the North Caucasus region itself: the Volgograd bus bombing in October, Friday’s car bomb in Pyatigorsk, now this.”

Security experts have made it no secret that they are worried about the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

And it seems like there’s almost nothing security teams can do to avoid attacks like this.

Watch [WARNING, violent explosion occurs]:

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