Here's The View Rich People Will Get From Richard Branson's Spaceship [VIDEO]

When Virgin Galactic kicks off its commercial space travel program next year, it will offer high-paying customers an amazing view of planet Earth.

Last week, pilots took the Spaceship Enterprise through the sound barrier for the second time, hitting a higher altitude and faster speed than ever before (over 1,000 mph).

Thankfully for those of us stuck on the ground, the team attached a few cameras to the ship’s tail, to show us what the pilots got to see for themselves.

Virgin Galactic posted a video of the successful test flight, along with narration from boss man Richard Branson.

Watch, and you’ll agree with the pilot: “It’s sweet up here.”

To make their way back to the surface, the pilots of the Enterprise used the ship’s re-entry system, which swings the wings and tail upward into a “feather position.”

That lets it slow down smoothly, “just like a shuttlecock,” Branson says.

Virgin Galactic is now finalising the details for the commercial service, including ship interiors, flight suits, and how its customers will be trained before they take off.

Commercial service should start in 2014.

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