The US military has released footage of it demolishing ISIS positions throughout Iraq

Anti-ISIS air strikeYouTube/CJTF OIRA coalition airstrike targeting an ISIS VBIED factory on December 1 in Iraq.

The US military has released a new series of videos highlighting the anti-ISIS coalition’s latest string of successful airstrikes against the terrorist group throughout Iraq. 

The airstrikes, which were conducted from November 15 to December 1, were aimed at various ISIS staging areas, munition supplies, and warehouses throughout the Anbar province. A large portion of the strikes targeted ISIS (also known as ISIL) areas outside of the ISIS-controlled city of Ramadi, which has recently been encircled by Iraqi troops. 

According to the Combined Joint Task Force (CJTF), the coalition strikes around Ramadi have “destroyed an ISIL mortar position, 10 ISIL fighting positions, an ISIL tactical vehicle, five ISIL heavy machine guns, two ISIL rocket-propelled grenade positions, an ISIL tunnel, an ISIL anti-tank position, an ISIL vehicle bomb, an ISIL staging location, two ISIL buildings, an ISIL command and control node, cratered an ISIL-used road, and denied ISIL access to terrain.” 

These recent strikes come as the US has also stepped up its airstrikes against ISIS’s oil infrastructure. At the end of November, coalition strikes in eastern Syria destroyed 283 ISIS oil tankers. According to the CJTF, oil accounts for about two-thirds of ISIS’s monthly revenue. 

Around Ramadi, the airstrikes targeted ISIS fighting positions as the Iraqi military attempts to retake control of the city.

The US also destroyed the militant group’s tunnels.

ISIS positions in the nearby city of Fallujah were also targeted and destroyed.

Some of the most damaging air strikes targeted ISIS’s potential to store and manufacture arms, such as an ISIS explosive cache.

The most recent strikes have destroyed an ISIS workshop responsible for constructing vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIED), which are some of the most damaging weapons ISIS has at its disposal. 

You can watch the videos of the strikes below: 






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