Umpires Blow Critical Home Run Call Even After Looking At Replay

Adam Rosales hit what should have been a game-tying home run in the ninth inning against the Cleveland Indians. Instead, the umpires ruled it hit the wall, even after looking at a replay that clearly showed it was a home run.

In the video below, even the announcers are not sure if the ball was a home run at first. But once you look at the replay, presumably the same one the umpires reviewed, it is clear that the ball hit a railing behind the wall and bounced back on to the field of play.

According Susan Slusser of The San Francisco Chronicle, the umpires claimed there was not enough evidence to overturn the call.

Major League Baseball has dragged their feet with instant replay. And because they aren’t fully committed to the process, they still can’t get calls like this correct. Hopefully, small steps backwards like this will help push the sport forward into the 21st century…

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