VIDEO: Two golfers have a punch up on the fairway over hitting up

The best blow of the bout. Screenshot

Golf is considered a gentle sport – putting John Daly to one side – but when two foursomes on a Colorado course encountered each other after the back four appeared to be “hitting up” (played into) the group in front, it turned into a slapstick episode of UFC.

Golfer Justin Abrams captured the incident at the Fossil Trace Golf Club, near Denver, on video, posting it to Instagram as two players from rival groups attempted to unleash their inner Tyson on the 18th fairway.

There’s not a lot of contact amid posturing that suggests they’ve both watched too many Rocky Balboa films, although the man in the salmon shirt who instigated the bout cops a mean jab from his opponent and loses his cap before they call an end to hostilities and shake hands.

Because golf is a gentleman’s game.

Here’s the footage:

WARNING: NSFW language.

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