Take A Video Tour Of The Ousted Ukrainian President's Opulent Estate

The New York Times was recently allowed into ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych’s estate, and they produced a fascinating video tour of the incredible property.

Yanukovych fled Kiev this past weekend, leaving behind his opulent mansion after months of protests in the capital of Kiev and a failed crackdown.

The estate is being guarded by the opposition to prevent looting, so although visitors have been allowed to tour the grounds outside, they don’t have access to the mansion itself.

Photos have already emerged of the inside of the house and the grounds, but the Times’ video tour gives an even better look at the property.

Take a look inside the “Museum of Corruption”:

The house is filled with expensive trinkets, liquors, artwork, ornate woodwork, and elaborate decorations. The elevator shown about two minutes into the video is also something to behold.

Documents found at the estate reveal some of the extravagent spending that went on there. One of the many buildings on the property reportedly cost $US70 million, and about $US1.2 million was spent on furniture for one house.

Outside on the grounds, the Times talked to some Ukrainians who were touring the compound. One man noted: “It’s incredible how a person could bring his country to such shameful poverty and at the same time live in such luxury. There are no morals.”

The country began to turn against the president after Yanukovych reneged on promises to sign onto free trade deals with the European Union, The New York Times reports. Protests turned violent after his supporters in parliament passed legislation that quashes political dissent.

Clashes between riot police and protesters killed 82 people last week. It’s the worst violence Ukraine has seen since its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

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