2 toddlers crashed their mums' separate live interviews on national TV, and the clips are adorable

BBC NewsScarlett crashes her mum’s interview on BBC News.
  • Two toddlers crashed their mums’ separate live interviews on national TV news on the same day.
  • Dr. Clare Wenham’s daughter Scarlett appeared in her BBC interview to do some rearranging of a unicorn photo and then asked the name of BBC anchor Christian Fraser.
  • Not long after, Sky News Foreign Affairs editor Deborah Haynes’ live interview was interrupted by her son asking for two biscuits.
  • The clips have been viewed nearly 10 million times in total on Twitter, with many people expressing their amusement.
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Two toddlers crashed their mums’ separate live interviews on national TV news on the same day, and the adorable clips are trending on Twitter.

Dr. Clare Wenham was being interviewed by BBC News about the coronavirus from her home in South London when her daughter Scarlett made a charming appearance.

Scarlett appeared to be having a lovely time styling some shelves in the background before asking her mum what the name of the man interviewing her was.

The clip, posted by TV journalist Scott Bryan, has been viewed 5.5 million times on Twitter, with many people expressing their amusement.

“This is simply glorious and fair play to the interviewee for it all,” commented Stephen Drew, a teacher.

“And what a beautifully mannered little girl … asking for our Christian’s name first! Top!” added BBC journalist Lukwesa Burak.

Mere minutes later, a similar occurrence took place live on Sky News.

Sky News Foreign Affairs editor Deborah Haynes was being interviewed from her home in Kent, England when her young son interrupted to ask a very important question.

“Can I have two biscuits?” he asked. And luckily for him, his mum said yes.

The clip was similarly heart-warming in the eyes of many Twitter users, having been viewed 4 million times after Bryan posted it.

“He knew what he was doing – gaining leverage in the snack negotiations. If mum hadn’t been on the telly, he’d have ended up with a piece of fruit. Two biscuits – great result,” wrote marketing agency MD Barnaby Patchett.

However some people criticised Sky News anchor Mark Austin for cutting the interview short rather than engaging with the toddler as the BBC’s Christian Fraser had done.

“She was multi-tasking just fine and had resolved the whole thing. Did he really cut off the interview at the point when the biscuit negotiation had already been concluded?” wrote journalist Samira Ahmed.

“He was very short, I thought. BBC Guy much nicer,” added fellow journalist Sali Hughes.

But in hindsight, Austin realised he needn’t have cut the interview short, tweeting: “It was the best bit of the programme. Should have stayed with you!”

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