VIDEO: Thongs/Flip Flops With No More Blow Outs


A patented system to stop the humble thong from falling apart will soon go into full production.

The Queenslanders behind the idea have already raised, via crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, more than the $30,000 needed.

Inventors Brad Munro and Aaron Jennings say: “You’ll never have a thong blow-out again thanks to Willi Footwear, a Queensland startup that has revolutionised the Aussie thong, creating patented boomerang straps that cover a larger surface area to ensure that the straps don’t pull through.”

“We have developed a way to stop the common blow out in your thongs, flip flops, sandals, jandals … whatever you want to call them.

“Our new patented boomerang plugs won’t pull through unless you want them to, allowing the straps and bases to become interchangeable so you really can design your own and create a number of different colour combinations.”

See for yourself:

And here’s the patented system:

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