This Play Sums Up Why Many Think Andrew Luck Is Already A Great NFL Quarterback

In the boxscore and on SportsCenter, the play below will just go down as a nice 31-yard touchdown pass by Andrew Luck. But look a little closer and you can see the birth of the next great NFL quarterback.

Let’s break it down: 1) as Luck drops back, notice where he is looking. This draws the safety away from the receiver at the top of the screen. Once the pass is thrown, you will see the strong-side safety at the bottom of the screen and unable to help; 2) As the pocket collapses, Luck not only shifts his eyes towards the target, but he also steps up at the same time, moving just enough to clear the outreaching arms of the defensive lineman; 3) And on a pass that most rookies would throw too high, Luck delivers a perfect pass, on a line, to a spot where only his receiver can catch it.

The play, from beginning to end, was perfect. And it shows that Luck is already at a place where many NFL veteran quarterbacks never arrive…

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