VIDEO: This man tried to move a fridge on a Queensland train

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Just in case someone ever asks you whether it’s legal to move house using a train, a Brisbane man has found out the hard way that the answer is no.

And it’s a lesson that’s cost him $252 after railway inspectors fined him for attempting to take an oversized item on the train.

Security camera footage shows the man struggling to fit the fridge in the lift to get down to the station platform, and when he attempts to load it onto the train, he is stopped by security guards who issued him with a ticket.

A spokesperson for Queensland Rail said it’s not the first time people have tried to use trains as their removal truck.

“From time to time we see some weird and wonderful things on our network,” they said.

“From lawn mowers and generators to surfboards and life-size mannequins, we’ve seen it all.”

Apparently there were two incidents involving large pieces of furniture involving the Bowen Hills station recently.

On 4 April, a customer hopped off a train with a couch with the help of a shopping trolley.

Just a fortnight later, the man in the footage tried to board a service with the fridge, before being pulled aside by staff.

“With some editing and a backing track, we used the footage for our ‘Train Etiquette Tuesday’ post, as a light-hearted reminder that if it doesn’t fit under your seat, on your lap or in the luggage rack, leave it off the train,” QR’s spokesperson said.

The company has a simple rule when it comes to oversized items – if it doesn’t fit where QR says, you could be up for a $252 fine. Bikes are OK, except during peak hour periods when you’re heading into the CBD in the morning, or out of town in the afternoon.

“Our tip would be to save a few dollars and book a removalist or phone a friend,” QR said.

Here’s the video of “Fridge Man” Queensland Rail posted on Facebook this week:

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