VIDEO: This Guy Jumped Over A Lamborghini Heading For Him At 130km/h

Back in the old YouTube days, Kobe Bryant jumped over an Aston Martin and the consensus was that it was fake.

He was clearly beside the car and not actually jumping over the top of it. To prove it, YouTube was flooded with videos of idiots trying it at home, with no success and lots of injuries.

In 2014, either humans have finally got the hang of it, or CGI is just so damned good these days we can’t pick reality from ficion.

So here’s “Al the Jumper from Sweden” who’s going to clear a speeding Lamborghini for your pleasure.

That looks pretty real to us.

And while Bryant was trying to sell something – his new shoes – Al the Jumper just wants one thing – to be “the craziest car jumper of all time”.

He shows himself preparing in the gym for a month before the stunt, where he jumps with weights “30-40 times” to build an explosive leap.

But… why?

“I am the only one crazy enough, stupid enough or have big enough balls to do it.”