VIDEO: This Australian town has been swallowed whole by a giant tumbleweed

When you think of tumbleweeds, a small bundle rolling down an abandoned dusty street in an old Western movie is what generally comes to mind.

Take that image, multiply the tumbleweed to the size of a house, and apply it to a residential suburb in Australia.

“Hairy panic”, as it has so fittingly be described, has taken over Wangaratta in northeast Victoria.

It’s piling up like straw clouds around houses, making it almost impossible for resident to access their front doors.

The masses of dry weed are suspected to have come from nearby overgrown and neglected paddock.

While the town has experienced some smaller tumbleweeds in the past, it’s believed that a drier than normal summer contributed to massive grass bundle.

The local council has held meetings on how to get the issue under control.

See video of houses that have been swallowed whole by the giant weed.

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