VIDEO: This Architect-Designed Plywood Emergency Shelter Clicks Together Without Nails Or Glue

This emergency shelter designed by architects Conrad Gargett Riddel is a finalist in the Brisbane Regional Architecture Awards.

The shelter is made up of 332 laser cut plywood pieces costing a few hundred dollars and is assembled by two people without the use of mechanical fixings.

It’s just like an Ikea flat pack but no tools, nails or staples are needed. Each piece slots together with another, all held together by friction. No allen keys or screwdrivers required.

The architects created the shelter as part of Brisbane’s Emergency Shelter Exhibition.

The architects say:

“The cladding is based on the idea of shingles made of ply, translucent plastic and clear plastic to enable occupants to personalise their shelter and adapt it over time while the internal “bookcase” walls acts as a place to store retrieved items of value.”

Watch how the entire shelter arrives on the back of a ute and is slotted together without glue or nails:

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