VIDEO: The winning psychology that drives the world's 'most dominant athlete'

The world’s best fighter, Rhonda Rousey.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) star Ronda Rousey is “the most dominant athlete alive”.

Since joining UFC in 2013, the former Olympic judo is still undefeated, has appeared on the cover of ESPN’s Body Issue, and starred in a couple of blockbuster Hollywood movies.

Yesterday, she slammed Floyd Mayweather after she received ESPY’s award for Best Fighter because he’d previously claimed he didn’t know who she was. See it here.

So what does it take for a fighter to be successful, beyond the constant training and strict diet regimen?

Most importantly it takes strength of mind. Here’s Rousey talking about self belief and the “right” she has to win her titles on CBS, via 10, this morning.

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