VIDEO: The Taiwanese animators took on Australia's 'revolving door' leadership - and nailed it

Picture: TomoNews/YouTube

The Taiwanese news animators have released their take on Malcolm Turnbull’s rise to prime minister.

You know it’s going to be good when within 10 seconds, Tony Abbott is seen tricycling into the revolving door of Australian leadership:

But despite the many laughs to be had, it’s interesting to see just how spot on TomoNews is in capturing the around the fact that Turnbull is Australia’s fifth prime minister in as many years.

They’ve certainly done their research. Here’s how they see Turnbull the “Renaissance man”:

And “deeply unpopular archconservative” Abbott:

“By ditching a PM who’d presided over farcical budgets, poorly recieved policies, troubling debt and who has no answer to the end of the commodities boom, the Liberal Party is pinning its hopes on Turnbull to claw back trust before the next election.”

That’s Turnbull, who Tomo see as:

“…a rare classical liberal in a party overrun with conservatives and idealogues”

There’s also a nice little snark at the end at the Liberals’ dislike for red tape.

“Australia’s system allows it to change leaders in a day! What’s more efficient than that!”

It’s wonderful. Here’s the whole thing:

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