VIDEO: The perfect Friday afternoon ‘when-is-work-over?’ surfing footage

Australian Joel Fitzgerald on Teahupo’o in 2003. Photo: Steve Robertson/Getty Images

It’s Friday arvo.

There’s no economic data out in Australia, even the markets are bored and we get the feeling a lot of your colleagues are probably still at lunch at 3.30pm, willing time into the weekend.

But if you’re still at your desk, settle back, maximise the screen and watch this extraordinary footage of the Teahupo’o reef break in Tahiti.

Pronounced “Cho-Po” (a rough translation is “place of skulls”) and producing waves up to 7-metres, it’s the site of the annual Billabong Pro Tahiti surf comp and listed as one of the world’s 10 most deadliest breaks, having claimed five lives in the last 15 years and is regarded as the world’s heaviest wave.

The footage was shot by Eric Sterman and Brent Bielmann for Surfing Magazine, it’s the place you wish you were this afternoon, but as a spectator, rather than wiping out on those waves (keep an eye out around 3.17 mins).

And have a great weekend.

Teahupo’o, Du Ciel from SURFING Magazine on Vimeo.