VIDEO: The old-school barbershop is making a huge comeback around the world

Getting your hair cut with a cut-throat razor is a whole new experience. Photo: Celia Cochran

When the final episode of Mad Men went to air this week, no group were sadder to see the (short) back (and sides) of Don Draper than barbers.

The Don Draper effect has seen a revival in classic barbershops across America, with the Bureau of Labour Statistics predicting growth of around 13% in the industry to 2022. Australia is seeing similar a trend.

Business Insider Australia was recently in Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s other home town, Nashville, Tennessee, and couldn’t resist the chance to go for a haircut and cut-throat razor shave at one of the country music capital’s CBD barbershops, Red’s, which is famous for using a razor to finish the haircut.

It was also the first time we’d had a cut-throat razor shave, which is an experience in itself and well worth trying, once you get over the nerves that make you have flashbacks to old Freddie Kruger movies. It’s quite relaxing, with hot towels on your face, then cold ones, and a moment to pause and catch your breath, during which you’re shaved twice. The amazing thing is your face will never feel smoother than after a single-blade razor shave.

The other lovely thing about the experience is that the heritage room makes you feel like you’re walking into a living piece of history, like Marty McFly, but without the DeLorean.

It was a great experience that took around 90 minutes and cost just $US51 ($AU66.80). The barber, Rob, was a serious pro, who’d transferred from the original Red’s in Indianapolis to Nashville. Along with a good line of banter, Rob left Business Insider feeling completely pampered, man-scaped and two weeks later, we’re still getting compliments about the haircut, so thanks!

Here’s what happened:

Video editing by Shanya Buultjens.

* Business Insider travelled to Nashville courtesy of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel.

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